When you are an obese, chronically ill, broke-ass white person, you have no friends among the Democratic party — the party of globalists, of the coastal…
On lifestyle medicine and against Big Pharma: Selected notes on Longevity Simplified (2022) and The Barbell Prescription (2016).
Why does this matter? Clean Energy Technology depends on green metals and rare earth elements. Even upgrading a conventional power grid requires the…
And if you would like some background information and context, please visit our data dashboard and browse our previous post on the same.
Roughly 1 in 10 American children suffer from Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). For those aged 15-19, the rate climbs to 17% or roughly 1 in 6.
Some personal notes, and a break from the usual rundown of sources and/or data on the big picture concerns.
This post and companion Data Dashboard (with more graphs and charts, including breakdowns per nation) provide an update on China’s extensive investment…
UK media versus USA mainstream media. One reports deaths from vaccine complications. The other mocks the unvaccinated, and celebrates their dying with…
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