Your time matters

We all have not enough time, and too many responsibilities. To respect your time, I try never to post “hot takes.” My posts are slow-cooked, so to speak. I also indicate all sources by links or direct reference. I might be wrong or get it seriously wrong, but never intentionally so. Never a deliberate distortion for “effect.”

About me
I am an American citizen by birth and passport — now on my fourth consecutive passport. Since 1997, I have considerably more time outside the USA than in it. Years on the ground in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Visited or resided in or near Timbuktu, Seoul, Dubai, Shantou, Phnom Penh, Dakar, Hong Kong, Banjul, Tokyo / Yokohama, and more. As Rudyard Kipling once said: “What do they know of England, who only England know?”

I am deeply concerned for my home nation: so perhaps paradoxically, I bring a global perspective to (dare we say this?) an America first agenda.

All that said, I do not claim to be particularly wise or even intelligent, but on paper I qualify as well-educated. (I do have some sense of how much or rather how little that can be worth. In fact, I am as much of a “doctor” as Jill Biden is: we both earned our PhDs from the University of Delaware). So please pardon my verbosity — a known by-product of once having travelled also in academic circles. Thank you for trying out American Exile.

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Outside the empire, looking homeward.


Data Humanist

USA citizen by birth and passport. Many years living and working outside of North America, including time in Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South Asia. Current status: expatriate. Educational level (if this means anything): PhD.