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I believe the major problem here is that people are bombarded 24/7 with drug advertising. If one was to keep track of all advertising, I would safely say that prescription drugs probably make up easily 60% of all advertising on television and print media as well, Throw in a few meds for the pet and it's probably higher yet. Big Pharma has done an outstanding job of conditioning and brainwashing the masses to take a drug for literally anything!!! Toe nail fungus? We've got you covered by at least 3 or 4 options. Plaque Psoriasis? No problem, same here, multiple choices. Your depression drug doesn't work, well, this drug helps the drug that isn't working. Doesn't speak too highly of the first drug does it? Bent penis? Hell, we'll get that sucker straightened out. And on and on it goes. If you read any of the history on the AMA, you will see that the modern Big Pharms was basically created by the Rockefellers as another use for petroleum products and to gain control of a new industry. They are laughing all the way the to the banks. Oh, and they own them too, Funny that, isn't it? Linking tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Great work DH. It's time for many resets, including how we live, but definitely not how they want us to keep "living".

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It's so hard to say no once they gotcha, but some do manage to extricate themselves from bigpharma. I have never started on the pills, even the word contains the word 'ill' as does sh'ill', like a joke being played on us.

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That was excellent. Subscribed. There is a new frontier in health emerging. Someone need to host an international conference, New Frontiers in Health. Reversing the Polypharmacy Trend by Promoting Healthy Living.

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I had a horrific insect bite over Memorial Day weekend. I'm still not sure what bit me, but I ended up in urgent care with cellulitis of the eyelid. (Yep. It was as gross as it sounds.) Anyway, the nurse/tech asked, "what medications are you on?" Not "are you", but "what". My answer of zero, plus good blood pressure and weight readings made me the clinic unicorn of the day.

Thanks for the thought-provoking piece, Data Humanist. I will be subscribing. I'm especially disturbed by the thoughts about our water supply. So, I guess we're all on anti-depressants and birth control pills? Lovely.

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In 1992, the placebo effect stood at 30 percent. It was taken for granted to the point it was not revisited until around 2002, when it turned out to have exceeded 60 percent. FYI, a "medication" used to be considered "effective," if it helped a little in 7 out of 10 "cases."

Yes, that's how dependent "patients" are on the murderous pharmaceutical and "medical" system.

Statistically speaking, my impression is that at least one new illness has been invented every week in the last several decades. A few "medications" (aka. poisons) were assigned to each of them and, when the chemicals turned out to be spectacularly poisonous, the manufacturer received a slap on the wrist and a new poison was assigned to the victims, that is, the "patients."

The goalposts have been moved for high blood pressure and for diabetes, so that the poisons can be prescribed earlier.

Dietary advice has been criminally dangerous for several decades (e.g. good salt and good fat are necessary for health and even for life itself, while even some supplements seem to have been designed to make sure the patient develops dependency on them).

Physical Therapy has been devastating among the people I know.

Even surgeons, who are good at cutting, often cut the wrong thing or remove stuff unnecessarily and sell the biopsy and the tissue samples removed.

The whole state of western "Medicine" is a disaster.

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When I was in my twenties, I started getting recurring kidney infections that were brutally painful and demoralizing in their frequency. Antibiotics were prescribed, different ones to address the waning efficacy of the last one. Finally, I was given xrays and an extra, non-closing valve was discovered in my left kidney and surgery was recommended, as my only option. It was then I unconsciously developed a mistrust of the system and took charge of dealing with the problem through keeping hydrated, drinking copious amounts of cranberry juice, no red meat, just common sense natural options available to us all. I haven't been to a doctor in over 20 years and have not had a kidney infection since. The unconscious mistrust led to much research and a horror at what our medical institution truly is, not developed to cure, but to delibrately keep you sick and coming back for more. Thank you for all your research and your non-judgmental presentation!

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This is relevant to more than just the ads targeted and timed; the only TV I currently see come in the afternoons when I visit my clotted friend: TV on, always, but sound turned off on my behalf and insistence. 2/3-3/4 Pharma on networks.

I taught outside Boston 1977-91. Private K-8. We had 3 children between 1971-79. They got their MMR & DPT as youngsters spread out over (?) 6-8 years. In the early ‘80’s a number of children came down with the P in DPT: pertussis aka whooping cough, including my inoculated 3 year old son. I recall standing with him in my arms in the steam of the hot shower; spending a scary night with him at Childrens Hospital. He was tired but well in a few days. Turns out a lot of people were enrolled in the school because they could easily claim religious exemption re vaccines. The state CDC has us close a week early for Christmas vacation and come back with a Dr’s note of two healthy visits OR antibiotics.(?) I left in 1991, only to return in 2005, with 2 more children from a new mom. Much was changed. Allergies, celiac, dyslexia, EpiPens in every classroom, borderline autism. At first I was just trying to think; then I tried to tactfully ask. Nobody knew; it was just the way it was now. Then a crunchy parent told me her take: she was one of the anti-vaccination set.

She laid it out for me gently but firmly: look at the unvaccinated. Yes. They eat strange mixes of raw fruits and veggies and brown rice and beans; they do not bring raw nuts or gluten on campus, but eat it, not peanuts though, anyway. They got ill, they got well, at home with herbs and chicken soup. They nurtured their immune systems. (“That’s crazy”)

I am going to leave a link for Data Humanist. In my cursory once over. I detect links to illnesses and vaccinations and SSRI’s and all sorts of weird MKUltra craziness following the US dropping liability for Pharma (over another scamdemic!) and the geometric proliferation of early, early childhood _ mandatory for public school _ vaccination, not to mention breaking the glass ceiling of pharmaceutical TV ads, as if TV, computer games, and that pocket-rocket computer with its made to be addictive and manipulative and really rather depressing once you get past the early endorphins and dopamine hits from folks oyou don’t really know no matter how many followers and likes.

I may be crazy but I’m counting this as evidence: and they’re so proud of it:


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Great post, brother! I'll share it tomorrow.

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That was excellent. Subscribed. There is a new frontier in health emerging. Someone need to host an international conference, New Frontiers in Health. Reversing the Polypharmacy Trend by Promoting Healthy Living.

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Wow. This is nuts. It's like a looming extinction event.

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In high school 40 years ago...Valium, Qualludes, (spelling) micro-dot...

The kids who imbibed would laugh sarcastically using the term "better living through Pharmaceuticals" while partying...

These same folks who traded their souls back then, seem to have

wanted that 'magic pill' that mom was popping...Valium...how many woman who experienced terrible home realities without realizing what they saw or understood, when their men returned from WWII, Korea, Vietnam we will never know...

but these generations got F-ed big time....

We are experiencing the fantastic scientific results...MORE MEDS!!!

Compliancy, stupidity, the powers that be think they want zombies...

the Zombies still cannot understand why the pills won't make the depression go away...

they want 'Happy' Compliant Masses. Well, 2 out of three ain't bad...SO....

"Line up for the next MRNA Folks...these WORK honest TRuuust Us..."

We'll be reduced to cannibalism soon enough...guess that is the ultimate goal?

Well, as long as the masses are medicated...

they won't even notice!

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Another interesting take on the Medical Industrial Complex: ~ 1 hour https://www.bitchute.com/video/MTicB6n4KJor/

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Well, yes, druggies, it is a hot Covidiot bloodbath. So, to cool it off a bit, let us have the best Nicaraguan beer on that, Victoria Frost ! Sorry, I don´t drink.

As an anthem of individualism and nonconformity. We are in this mess together, however apart.


Don´t know what to do about it, leave it to Zero !


A funeral ? You also got buried alive ? NO LOL


Ok, I´m a celebrity, get me out of here ! LOL


A few good laughs ....


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