What a sad story. The thing that depresses me is that this is both *normal* and *expected* now. We are actively encouraging people to have this lifestyle, beginning when they are young.

I work for a standardized test prep company. In one of my recent online classes, I was an “off camera” teacher (essentially doing tech support) while the “on camera” teacher led the class. Everyday he asked a bunch of 16 - 17 year old kids what shows they were binge watching, what video games they were playing, what movies they were excited about, and what fandom they were into. I understand that he was trying to build rapport, but it seems to me like we should be encouraging teenagers to *do something with their lives*, not try to escape them. We’re just setting the stage for passivity and dependence later in life.

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Wow, DH. Your personal story re a family member really resonates with me/partner. And it reminds me of something I saw a while ago and have kept close to me since.

“A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself”

Last year we stopped working, at least stopped in the sense of continuing to generate wealth. We have both worked for 35 years. We moved from a beautiful but expensive comfortable house in a comfortable part of a comfortable country. To a house that had no utilities but about 300X more land (we have been here for more than a year and got lost three times already in the garden).

We are ten years older than we were ten years ago but we feel ten years younger. We do everything for ourselves now, there are zero services out here. But we have integrated into a community of like minded people. People nothing like us, except that on reflection we seem to be exactly like them. We’re more like them than the local people in our newly adopted country. All of them strong, healthy, fit, self sufficient and mentally prepared to take care of themselves and their friends. In every way.

We have our own water, electricity, heating, boar, deer, chickens, eggs, vegetables, fruit, herbs, dogs, security. And people who share without an expectation of a return but an implicit certainty that they will receive in the future.

We have no contracts, we have trust and cash (for now, but this is not going to be a CBDC haven) and bartering and sharing and cooperation. Nobody cheats anyone because that simply would not work. Win-win, “todos ganan”.

We don’t have TV and have stepped away from MSM, except online to see what the state is planning for us mere mortals. We see people when we want to see people on our own terms, and when we do we realise how small and artificial our previous social group was. People here have a joy in the ordinary that we never had in our previous ‘sophisticated’ life.

We’re not special. We’re not especially strong or talented or wealthy or lucky. But we have done what we have done early enough to make it work. It’s hard but so rewarding.

Of course one day age will catch up with us. I prefer it did that here than in a care-home or an apartment with sirens outside. Don’t wait for life to happen and certainly never believe in a benevolent state. Doing everything for yourself is a thousand times more rewarding and, it turns out, secure than believing that society has bought into the same rules you’re playing by. I guarantee that not everyone is.

DH, you are so right with these sentiments. Thank you.

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The peasants get what they deserve.

Only, we're going to be dragged down with them.

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Seems to me Jonathon Sullivan, MD, PhD isn't really being honest, or maybe he simply doesn't put two and two together: It's MUCH of the fault of this "modern medical machinery" that is the PROBLEM, coupled with the toxic environment we live in. We are victims of this "medical machinery" from cradle to grave (and by "we" I mean Americans). We are poisoned every which way from Sunday, via drinking water, food, information about food, pharmaceuticals and false medical narratives, lies from govt., shitty jobs, lousy wages and high rent... and so forth. It's kind of understandable that people try to escape into fantasy worlds presented by TV...

America produces zombies and then punishes them for being zombies. It's all about CONTROL and sucking up all the wealth OUT of our pockets...

That some of us still have any sense is the reason we're being "mandated" to opt for suicide... It's easy to blame the victims, because it seems as if people CHOOSE these things, but it's not really a choice, it's a LIE, and somehow, some of us seem to be able to see that. I blame the Evil Oligarch Parasites that create this dystopia, and who want to suck ALL of us into it... Sigh. This is why we must act, and not just talk about it. My two cents, brother. Sweden is beautiful, I like the photos! They have their parasites, too...

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I hate to say it, but your relative is numbered amongst those who will be culled in what's coming.

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I just came from visiting my neurologically clotted friend, who is now home, surrounded by EMF, and incapable of and/or uninterested in improving his health. He is not belligerent about it, he simply smiles and mentally glides away.

Now I go to see the tiny kitten I had cautioned against: sharp nails and teething vs thin crepe skin and blood thinners. My buddy is starting to get angry and mean with the kitten, which may mean it’s coming home with me.

His 29 year old OCD/borderline autistic son who moved back late 2019 may bring fast food home after work. Otherwise he is incapable of more than a drive to the pharmacy or grocery store; he remains in car apparently, awaiting call/text…


It’s tough. The predictive programming works.

The fear induced paralysis/hypnosis works.

The addictions are real. I wrestle with Self..

Spirituality/Practicality. Peace/Non-compliance.

I appreciated you writing about your struggle.

Thank you. Be well. Be strong. Guard your heart.

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What a poignant story, DH. I'm sure many reading can think of a person or two that has drifted away in the past few years. I'm still trying to figure out if we're the ones on shore watching the boat get smaller on the horizon, or if we're in the boat.

I very much appreciate you that you point out this is not a right vs. left thing. They are intentionally trying to stir up tribalism and divide us.

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"Americans on fixed or limited incomes have opportunities for quality of life: in the USA and abroad. But these opportunities require self-reliance. Basic physical competency. Personal responsibility." Wow, I never realized you were a white supremacist /s

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"Deal with your real problems. Not the imagined problems of people you do not know. People who will contribute nothing to your survival. People who will have better things to do than attend your funeral." Amen DH. Wolf packs or nothing at all.

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I am a really great cook. The only thing I excel at more than cooking is modesty.

Am trying to learn baking. We bought 1/4 ton of hard wheat berries for bread. Bread & me have not had a great track record so far.

Have been teaching myself welding. And butchery. And I am going to be learning about hunting. Never done it before but our ‘community’ are hunters. Gun ordered.

Hope things work out for you Woofings person.

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Good article with some very good points. Linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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