Having carefully read the article


The Pentagon Fact Sheet on the Ukrainian Biolabs- A Closer Examination

The Pentagon Fact Sheet on the Ukrainian Biolabs: A Closer Examination

I find it a shame it missed the very relevant issue:

National security must be considered as from each nation position, and not how it may suit politicians. Seeking specifically Caucasian Russians DNA without their knowledge and consent hardly can be considered for their interest and wellbeing but rather a secret war conduct.

You may download the document from:


Video: -وثائقي الميادين فيروسات دبلوماسية - النسخة الانجليزية (Re USA bioweapons)

(see page 2 of the document)

This I view proves beyond any shred of a doubt that the bioweapons laboratories funded by the USA in Georgia and Ukraine were not for peaceful self-protection issue but were to pursue to develop a bioweapon to kill of Russians and so Ukraine Caucasian Russians residing also in Ukraine (Donbass), etc. and Ukraine actually was using drones for this purpose. This alone I view was sufficient casus belli for the Russian Federation to commence its action as I understand already such drone activity had been used into Russia Federation.

Regretfully this critical issues was in my view overlooked. I state this even so I value the article.

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