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The American Un-Civil Wars to Come: Lessons from Africa in Our Time

Enjoyable Moments of Reading the Great Minds

Chinese Investment in Africa

Fixed Income, Fixed Mindset: Between Fodder and Fertilizer for the Great Reset

Why Strength Training is Fundamental to Health and to Preventing Cognitive Decline

Chinese International Investment: Energy and Metal Sectors

So Tucker Carlson is in Brazil this week to talk about China in South America ...

Foie gras for Big Pharma: A note on American Children and Liver Disease

Brief Notes on Staying Healthy After 55

Buying the Copper Mountain was only the Beginning: China and South America

Americans are taking more and more prescriptions drugs. How much more? Let's see the data!

Two Notes on Vaccine Complications

Six Notes on Neo-Feudalism

Japan and Covid: no Mandates or Lockdowns, but World-Class Results

Covid Comorbidities for 2020 & 2021

Decolonizing Health to Fight Fatphobia?

Making Pediatric Medicine Go Away – The CDC Covid Data Age Group Scam

Greater all-cause mortality from the mRNA Covid vaccines versus the old-school adenovirus Covid vaccines? YES, according to one recent study (The Lancet, 5 April 2022).

Russia, a convenient enemy; China, not yet.

Natural Immunity, a Wedding, and Booster Shots: A Family Melodrama

Bitch-slapping the Bill of Rights: brief notes on Senator Mitt Romney’s failed attempt

Saving Free Speech or Sugarcoating Neo-Serfdom? The Elon Musk-Twitter Debate.

Two more Pentagon statements on the biolabs in Ukraine: "more pathogens in more places than we recommend..."

The Pentagon Fact Sheet on the Ukrainian Biolabs: A Closer Examination

The USA-supported Biolabs in Ukraine –– What Information Do We Have? (Part 1 of 2)

Natural Immunity Recognized, but the Gulag Awaits?

The one thing you never say to a suicide bomber

Persian Free Traders, Russia Mafiosi, and Intel CPUs – a tale from Old Dubai

Brief note on the Ukraine biolabs

Russia: Real Security Concerns, Real Weaknesses

Some context for Putin's paranoia

Brief Notes on the Covid Narrative Resistance

The Political Persecution of Americans with Natural Immunity

Facebook Censorship of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Continues

In support of Michelle Rabin, PhD

Poly-pharmaceutical Americans and Covid Mortality

Brief Bits of Good News in the Covid Madness

Our Failed Covid Policies now a Women’s Health Crisis

You had a higher relative risk of dying with Covid in 2021 than 2020

Mocking the Covid Dead – Whose Dead?

Israel is leaving the Fauci Alliance